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About the League

The Princeton University Ping Pong League is a semester-based ping pong league geared towards Princeton University graduates and undergraduates interested in playing casual ping pong matches and competing for nothing else other than the fun and the potential of meeting fellow students through weekly matches. No fee is required for participation and students from any residential college can sign up for competing.

Rules and Format:

  • All preliminary round matches are Best of 3, with each set being the first to 21. Serves alternate every 5 points.
  • A victory counts for 1 point and a loss counts for 0 points. Tie breaker criteria: A) Net sets won by the players, B) Total sets won by the players.
  • Leaderboard, matchups and results of each round will be announced on the Ping Pong League's Official Website. It is the players' responsibility to contact each other to arrange a time and place for their match and report the results to the administrator Yannis Karakozis via email at Both players should report the result of the match to the administrator to ensure that the correct outcome of the match is registered.
  • In the case that a match is not played or the players do not inform the administrator by email, the result will be registered as (0-0) and each player will be penalized with a penalty point. A player with 3 penalty points will be kicked out of the league.
  • If a player cannot play, it is considered a forfeit (2-0) in favor of their opponent. No penalty points will be accrued in the case of a forfeit.
  • Ping pong tables you can play at: Wilcox Commons, Frist 2nd floor by the Pool Tables, Dillon Gym Reception Desk, Mathey Common Room.

Hall of Fame

Spring 2018 (S6) - Princeton University

1. Kevin Thomsen '18

2. Arjun Subramaniam '21

3. Xiaoyu Xu '18

4. Zach Weingarten '18

Fall 2017 (S5) - Princeton University

1. Juneseo Lee '21

2. Xiaoyu Xu '18

3. Kevin Thomsen '18

4. Theo Tamayo '19

Spring 2017 (S4) - Princeton University

1. Vivek Dinodia '17

2. Xiaoyu Xu '18

3. Zach Weingarten '18

4. Theo Tamayo '19

Fall 2016 (S3) - Butl./Wils./Whitm.

1. Xiaoyu Xu '18

2. Kevin Thomsen '18

3. Noah Mihan '19

4. Adit Bhansali '19

Spring 2016 (S2) - Butler/Wilson

1. Xiaoyu Xu '18

2. Victor Du '17

3. Kevin Thomsen '18

4. Theo Tamayo '19

Fall 2015 (S1) - Wilson

1. Nicole Kalhorn '19

2. Gordon Chu '19

3. Xiaoyu Xu '18

4. Ben Edelman '18

President and Founder

Yannis Karakozis ick[at]

Financial Coordinator

Kayla Dobies

League Administrator

Sonny Huang

Director of Public Relations

Autumn Weyant